Practice Areas


The following is an overview of the areas in which Patrice practices.


She will gladly consult with you in cases regarding:

  •  All equine-related matters
  •  Premises liability
  •  Personal injury 
  •  Motor vehicle accidents
  •  Contract drafting and disputes
  •  Neighbor disputes
  •  Habitability (landlord/tenant)
  •  Nuisances
  •  Product liability
  •  Insurance matters
  •  Real property 
  •  Personal property disputes


If you are uncertain whether Patrice is able to assist you in your legal matter, please call for an initial consultation at no charge. If your matter is outside her practice area, she will happily provide you with referrals to other trusted attorneys.  Contact her at  (707) 695-9295 (707) 695-9295 or via the contact form.



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